995967_10151567548451701_839756331_nUmm, seriously? It’s not enough for Beyoncé to look gorgeous and skinny and calm and non-throw-up-y on ONE roller coaster in the month of August, but girlfriend has to go and look gorgeous and skinny and calm and non-throw-up-y on a second roller coaster during the month of August, TOO? That HAS to be an unfair monopoly on “gorgeous impromptu roller coaster pretty pics,” which we’re pretty sure is, like, against the law and junk.

Taking a spin on Coney Island’s Cyclone, Bey looks as happy as a clam while on a machine designed to make her regurgitate. And, while we’re sure she was just down to ride Brooklyn’s famed coaster, word on the street is that she was actually filming a music video. To that we calmly say, NEW QUEEN BEY MUSIC IS ACTUALLY A NOT-SO-DISTANT REALITY??? BLARRRUGHRGHRUGHH.

Check out more photos of Beyoncé at Coney Island after the jump.

Rumors grew even more real when Terry Richardson, the supposed director of this new piece of Beyoncé goodness and photographer behind the singer’s January GQ cover, was spotted on hand at Coney Island as well. Will it be “Grown Woman”? “Standing On The Sun”?? Some new forbidden song that must only be heard at the bottom of a well underneath a blanket of ’06 House of Deréon patterned silk maxi dresses lest the world implode on itself?!?! GUH.

But that’s not all, folks! After the Cyclone, Bey grabbed a giant dollar-coated blow-up bat and ran around either gently love-tapping members of the BeyHive, or playing a practice round of the “This Is What Will Happen If You Leak My Songs!” game. Moral of the story? Even while roasting in the hot sun of an Amusement park after riding on a machine that is literally designed to make you lose that hot dog you unwisely consumed five minutes before, Beyoncé is still a flawless angel.

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