Apple, Sony, Microsoft, Samsung and other tech giants of the modern age are either rumored or altogether publicly committed to ramping up their product offerings in the emerging product category of smart watches.

As soon as 2014, in fact, smart watches may begin their concerted aggressive market introduction, rivaling smartphones and tablets in popularity.

According to the latest industry estimates, the public’s interest in these devices is set to grow by a factor of ten within the next year alone.

New forecasts from market analysis firm Canalys shows that 2014′s smart watch shipments could be more than 15 times the 330,000 units shipped in 2012 and 10 times the 500,000 expected to ship in 2013.

The smart devices of the very near future are expected to represent a considerable advancement in sophistication over the current standard in the segment. As of this writing, Sony leads the industry with regard to device capabilities but even its most recent model will be quickly outdated if the rumors surrounding upcoming devices from heavyweights Apple and Microsoft prove to be legitimate.

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